We have built our history on tangible values and important decisions, that have led to obtain international certifications and awards that attest the Salumificio Toscano Piacenti as the only company authorized to export the Italian Prosciutto Toscano PDO to the USA.


Prosciutto Toscano PDO Certification (Official Tuscan Ham Producer)

B.R.C. British Retail Consortium

Global Standard For Food Safety – Grade A

I.F.S. International Featured Standard

IFS Food – Higher Grade


All our products are certified as “Gluten-free”.

Export authorizations

U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Panama

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management Systems

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

Traceability in the Feed & Food Chains



Tuscan Ham in numbers:

  • 1200 tons – 120.000 pieces/year
  • 35% of the whole Tuscan Ham production

Production Plant:

  • 8000 SQM
  • Productions (Tuscan Ham, Roasted Products, Salamis, Cinta Senese
    and Wild Boar sausages; more than 3000 tons overall)

Slicing Plant:

  • 4000 SQM
  • 2 High-Tech Slicing Lines


Slicing Clean Rooms:

  • Two US FED STD 209E Class 1.000 and 10.000 Clean Rooms
  • Air ultra-filtration to eliminate most particles and contaminants
  • Positive pressure to avoid the input of contaminants during slicing
  • Complete remote monitoring and control of air pressure, temperature, humidity and circulation
  • ISO 7 Class (ISO 14644-1; max. 10.000 particles/ft3) to slice standard products
  • ISO 6 Class (ISO 14644-1; max. 1.000 particles/ ft3) to slice highly sensitive and perishable products