In the beautiful setting of “ Piazza delle Erbe “, in front of the Twin Towers and the Fortress of Montestaffoli, the 1° Gourmanday took place on Saturday 27th June during the famous “Nottilucente” event.
A clever way to know and appreciate the culinary riches of the territory: salami, honey, saffron, spices and so on.. which still are the real stars of a world of ancient traditions and unforgettable values, scrupulously handed down with unique passion and love.

A special set for a unique opportunity, where new specialties from the “Terre of San Gimignano” brand of “Salumificio Toscano Piacenti”, were tasted and enjoyed directly into the production area. During the event the numerous participants were able to discover new flavors in their mouths and in their eyes too, giving their score about them!!!

During the evening, in the lounge area, important personalities from the city context, among which the CEO of Salumificio Toscano Piacenti of San Gimignano Dott. Marco Pisoni, participated in a debate open to the all population of San Gimignano.
It was a prestigious event for “Made in San Gimignano”!